07 September 2015

Booking an escort for the first time?

Booking an escort for the first time can sometimes be a bit of a nerve wracking experience, so here’s a little list of tips and tricks to help you along your way…

  • Find a reputable agency

Trust and discretion are key when it comes to booking a high class companion, and you need to be sure that the agency you pick is reliable. The main indicators of a good quality site tend to be well-written and considered text, not just those with reams of keyword heavy content that actually tells you nothing at all about the company other than the fact that someone’s gotten a bit heavy handed with the internal linking! If it’s clear a company has put a lot of money and effort into their design, the likelihood is they’ve done the same when recruiting their girls. Pictures are another sure fire way to tell if you’re going to get what you’re looking for when booking a high class London escort. Overly retouched photos are only going to leave you disappointed when the girl in question turns up 14lbs heavier and five inches shorter then her pictures may have you believe. The only way you’d end up with a girl who looks anything like half the escort photos on the web these days is by heading to Toys ‘R’ Us… Which is why we make sure our photos portray the ladies at their best but are as true to real life as possible. Take a look at the company’s Twitter feed and social media to get a feel for the personalities behind the pictures. If they’re current, interesting, friendly and personable, it’s likely you’ll get a good quality service at the other end of the phone. Online reviews can occasionally be helpful, but don’t take them as gospel. Agencies will often post reviews of themselves to boost their business, or even write untruths about their competition purely due to jealousy.

  • Read through the content on the website thoroughly

All the information you need should be easily accessed and tell you everything you need to know. There is nothing more annoying than when someone rings up asking for a service that is clearly not offered anywhere on the site! This will also give you a better idea of the ladies’ personalities and help you make the best decision about who is best equipped to fulfil your specific desires.

  • Making contact

All bookings at Demoiselle must be confirmed over the phone, but it’s fine to email first to make an enquiry if there’s anything you’re unsure about. If you have a specific escort in mind you’d like to see then try and give as much notice as possible. If you’re open to recommendations, let us know what you like and we’ll try and match you with the lady who best fits your requirements. Don’t worry if you’re nervous or unsure! We’re friendly, patient, and our aim is to make sure you’re satisfied.

  • Safety first

Be prepared to give us your full name and phone number to confirm the booking, as well as your home address if this is where you’ll be meeting your chosen high class escort. This is purely for safety reasons, and your details aren’t passed on. We have some lovely ladies on our team and we like to make sure they’re well looked after.

  • If there’s any way we can make you happier, let us know!

Our ladies love their job and they’re dedicated to making sure you both have a truly memorable experience. If you have any specific requests, then let us know. If you have any queries about specific services the ladies offer, feel free to email them or the agency, with the addresses detailed on their individual profile pages.

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