17 October 2016

Client FAQs

What information do I need to provide when I book?

You’ll need to provide your full real name, the location of the booking, the time you would like to see your chosen high class escort, and for how long. For private residences you may also be asked to provide proof of address and/or identification. If you’re staying at a hotel, please let us know when you’ll be checking in and the room number when you do. We always ring reception to verify this. Failure to provide your full real name will result in your booking being cancelled. Demoiselle London does not store this information or pass it on to any third parties. Your chosen lady will only be told your first name and where to meet you, as well as any specific requests you may have passed on to us.


What is the minimum time I can book for?

It varies for individual ladies but will usually be between 1 - 2 hours. For certain locations, ladies may have higher minimum booking times to cover travel time and expenses. This information can be found on the ladies’ profile pages, or just give us a call.


Do your ladies see women/couples?

Most do. This information can be found on their profile pages.


Can I speak to my chosen high class escort before we meet?

No. This is to protect the ladies’ privacy. If you have any specific queries or requests you can tell the agency when you book or pop it all in an email.


Does my chosen escort offer a particular service?

All the ladies preferences and services are stored on our database, so just ask us when you book and we’ll let you know. Everything is at the ladies’ discretion and Demoiselle London plays no part in what happens between the parties in question.


Can I book an escort for a party booking?



Can I extend my date once it’s started?

Of course. Just let the agency know how long you would like to extend by. Cash for any additional hours must be paid upfront, or an immediate bank transfer to the agency must be made.


Can I pay by card/bank transfer?

Demoiselle London does not currently take card payments but bank transfers can be arranged, and must be paid on your chosen lady’s arrival.


Do you offer incalls?

Yes. With the exception of a few ladies, we can accommodate in calls in central London. Our escorts often arrange premises in advance so please give as much notice as possible when making your booking.


Can I make a booking for a trip abroad?

Yes, however you need to be a regular client and have seen your chosen lady on at least one other occasion. You will need to liaise closely with the agency to make travel arrangements, and all hotel and flight reservations must be verified by the agency.


When is the latest I can call to make a booking?

Our phone lines close at 8.30pm each evening with the exception of Sundays, when the lines are closed all day. The latest booking start time is 10.30pm, though exceptions may be made for long term clients who are well known to the agency, and the booking is made in advance.


I’m nervous/ unsure about whether to book…

Feel free to drop us a line about your concerns and we’ll get back to you. We may be able to recommend the right lady to take care of your specific needs or who will be best suited to you personality wise. We’re all really friendly here and our service is discreet, personable and professional. We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.


Do I need to pay full price if my chosen high class escort is late?

At Demoiselle we endeavour to be punctual at all times, however, sometimes things happen beyond our control! If your chosen escort is over fifteen minutes late, she will offer to make the time back at the end of the booking or the agency will adjust the price accordingly.


My escort has cancelled at the last minute… What now?

We pride ourselves on professionalism here at Demoiselle but in the very rare occasion your chosen lady has to cancel at late notice, we will try and replace her with a suitable alternative with your permission, or offer a discount of 20% off your next booking.


I need to cancel my booking. What do I do?

Call us as soon as possible so we can inform your companion in good time. A deposit may be taken for your next booking at our discretion depending on the circumstances.


Do you offer discounts?

No, except in rare circumstances when the agency is at fault, or your chosen lady is very late arriving. This is at our discretion. We do not offer promotions or ‘loyalty schemes’.


This is my first time booking an escort. What’s the correct etiquette?

First of all, make your booking in good time and be prepared to give us your full name for security checks. We don’t store this information or pass it on, so no need to worry. When your lovely high class escort arrives, please pass on the correct fee in an unsealed envelope within the first ten minutes of your meeting. Don't be offended if she counts it - mistakes happen! Let the agency know if you have any preferences prior to your booking if you'd rather not discuss this with your chosen lady face to face. Please be freshly showered, polite and respectful. Apart from that, relax and enjoy the ride! It’s just like a real date (only better!).


I have a specific request that I’m nervous about sharing…

We do our best to accommodate your desires, but if you’re shy about asking for what you’d like, you can always jot down your preferences in an email and we’ll pass it on, or we can recommend the right lady to suit your needs. All services are at the ladies’ discretion.


Are all your escorts English?

All of the high class escorts at Demoiselle are entirely fluent in English and educated to a high standard. We do not accept applications from ladies who clearly don’t have a very high standard of written or spoken English, so all escorts are either British or have been living here for a long period of time, or have lived abroad but speak English as their first language.


I’m at work and I can't call on my mobile to make a booking. Can I text or email?

All bookings from new clients must be confirmed over the phone, but you can drop us an email to arrange a mutually convenient time to talk. Clients who have booked before may arrange another meeting via text or email.


I wasn’t entirely satisfied with my booking…

Give us a call or send us an email to let us know what happened. We pride ourselves at providing accurate descriptions and photos of all of our ladies to ensure you have the most enjoyable experience possible. Whilst we can’t be held accountable for personality clashes or any problems that are down to personal preference, do let us know (in the rare instance) your escort has been unprofessional.


Can I see any unblurred or amateur photos?

We do not send clients any additional photos than those displayed on the website. Amateur photos may be shown before a lady has had her professional photoshoot done, but they will still be blurred to protect her identity if she so wishes.

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