10 October 2015

Escorts for couples in London

I’d say having a threesome is pretty high up on the list of fantasies for a lot of men and women in the UK, and I’ve been busy conducting my research. Albeit without the clipboard (or the clothes) but still. It seems more and more women are open to exploring a little girl-on-girl action (90% are curious, apparently) and… well. The same, if not more, amount of men are open to watching it.

As far as I’m concerned, the best way to go about having a threesome is to book one of our high class escorts. Yes, it’s a shameless plug, but it’s true. This way you avoid any of the potential embarrassment or emotional messiness that can come with propositioning someone you know. All the fun without the fuss. Sensual, strings-free and super exciting sex that you’ll be fantasising about long after the evening is out. There’s never any jealousy or resentment, in fact, you have to be open and happy to communicate which never fails to ensure everyone has a fantastic time.

I personally love couples’ bookings. I think it’s great that people are willing to still experiment and explore ways of keeping each other satisfied. There’s also something incredibly awesome about making sure another woman is genuinely enjoying herself and I know many of our other ladies feel the same. In fact, I’m off to an all-girls sex party next month so I’ll let you all know how it went, yeah? I can’t film it, so you’ll have to invite me and the others over for a repeat performance…

If you’re thinking of making a booking to invite one of our high class escorts to join you and your other half, give us a call, and don’t be nervous. We’re a super friendly bunch, and our main priority is making sure you enjoy the full fantasy you’ve been dreaming about. We only ask that it’s the one who (doesn’t) wear the trousers in the relationship that confirms the booking. We don’t like surprising wives and girlfriends! It can get a bit sticky, a bit too early on…

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