09 July 2015

Thinking of working as a high class escort in London?

Making the decision to work as an escort isn’t easy. Unless you’re me, in which case, the biggest consideration was whether I’d have enough suspender belts to see me through the busy season and if my diet could sustain even more Champagne. Once you’re set on this line of work though, make sure you’re working for the best. Here are the answers to just a few questions and concerns I’ve been asked about by applicants, to help you make your decision to apply.

I don’t have any professional photographs. Can I still be represented on your website?

Absolutely. In fact, it’s better if you haven’t just shelled out on a bunch of snaps as I prefer photos taken by my photographer. She’s an absolute genius. If you’ve read my other blogs, you’ll know how much I hate the overdone ‘glamour girl’ image that the industry is awash with. If clients genuinely have a thing for orange, they can (tan) go elsewhere. And apart from a security deposit, I won’t expect you to pay for these upfront. Can’t say fairer than that. 

How do you vet your clients? Will I be safe?

Safety is one thing I won’t compromise on. We perform stringent background checks, require full names and addresses and proof of ID if necessary. There will always be a way to contact the agency if you need to, and you need to check in when you arrive and leave, and halfway through the booking if it’s a long one. 

Do you provide drivers or do I have to use my own method of transport?

As we’re predominantly a London based escort agency, it’s not cost effective or even necessary to use drivers. Other agencies may provide drivers, but they will ask for a lot more commission (more on that later) and it’s not actually quicker at certain times of day than catching the train, booking a taxi or hailing one of the hundreds of black cabs that are about. Agencies that feel they need to constantly use drivers as security, in my mind, aren’t doing their background checks properly. They also use them so that they can ferry girls straight from one booking to the next, and that is something we do not do. It’s not what we’re about.
For those taking bookings in the surrounding areas such as Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire et al. then it’s expected that you will drive, unless you want to arrange another method of transportation yourself. 

How flexible is the work? Will I be obligated to go to a certain number of bookings in a week/month?

You’re under no obligation at any time. The only time I expect you to show up to a booking is if you’ve confirmed you can make it. Anyone who repeatedly cancels bookings or is late will not be represented by the agency. Clients will be paying for your time, and it’s hugely important you respect theirs too. I think the only time I’ve been late for a booking was when there was a huge accident on the M25 (that hadn’t even been caused by myself, I hope, though openly adjusting one’s stockings at the steering wheel can have consequences…)
You can turn down a booking if you feel you’re unable to make it. The work is flexible, and I have no concerns when ladies have other things going on in their lives, who can effortlessly go from boardroom to bedroom and impress equally in both. The best escorts are the girls who have something to say for themselves and some life experience, and they’re the ones who enjoy the lifestyle the most.

Ok, hit me with it. What’s the commission?

It's currently 25% -  I pretty much guarantee it will be lower than other agencies. I take the commission to cover the costs incurred representing you on the website, which is fully and expertly managed, including the SEO (if you’re not sure what that is, feel free to Google. It’s probably the only non sex-related acronym on the site…) Not to mention handling phone calls, safety checks and security. It’s not so I can exploit anyone, or take a large lump of your money for doing very little at all. 

Why do I need to come for an interview?

I say interview, but it’s a chance for both parties to ask questions, get to know each other and decide whether we want to work together. I won’t sit there and grill you on your CV or ask about A-levels (not in that sense, anyway…) but I do need to establish whether or not I can trust you, whether you’re capable of the work, how you come across in real life and whether or not we get on. Because if I can’t enjoy a drink with someone for an hour or so, I wouldn’t expect my clients to either.

All sounds good. Where can I apply?

Visit the join page and fill out the application form there. Any other questions, feel free to email me at [email protected] or even give me a call. I’m pretty much surgically attached to the phone.

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