20 October 2015

Where to wine and dine your chosen high class escort in London

I’m not going to lie, we love to be spoiled here at Demoiselle, ruined, wrecked, whatever, it will probably involve alcohol. There’s nothing quite like relaxing over a bottle of wine and a delicious meal with a generous gent before retiring for dessert. I thought I’d compile a little list of my favourite date locations in London, in case anyone feels like treating us. Promise you’ll be handsomely rewarded…

Anywhere that involves steak 

I can’t speak for all of the lovely escorts here but I personally love a good chunk of meat. Thick, juicy, rare, washed down with red and some scintillating conversation. The best steak I’ve ever had in my life was at the Savoy Grill, where the food was so good I almost cried. No, seriously. I almost couldn’t concentrate on entertaining my date, but I can still multitask with a full mouth. Not to brag or anything. Hawksmoor and Gaucho’s are also fantastic if you fancy fuelling up for the hours ahead. I’ll try not to make any cow-related puns. Contrary to what the folks think at Dairylea, it’s no laughing matter.

Anywhere with a good view 

Out of the bedroom, I mean. London is a fantastic location for a lofty tête-a-tête with a gorgeous high class escort at your side at many of its rooftop bars. The Darwin Brasserie in the Heron tower boasts wonderful food if you have high expectations. They also do cute cocktails with flowers in. The bar on the roof of the Melia hotel in Covent Garden is also bound to impress. I also wouldn’t object to being taken up the Shard again. (yeah yeah…)

Anywhere that puts on a good show 

London has a fantastic array of theatre productions and performances. I really enjoyed a date to a burlesque/circus act I went to once on the Southbank. Perhaps I felt some affinity with the whole, displaying unparalleled ball skills while clad in corsetry thing. You can’t say escorts aren’t good at jumping through hoops, after all. Take me to something somehow sex-related and you’re way ahead of the game. Nothing like a private viewing, is there?

Anywhere that involves Champagne 

Or cocktails. Or alcohol in general. I don’t like to discriminate. It’s not uncommon for me to combine a mix of Tequila, Gin, Rum, Vodka, Triple Sec and Prosecco in one evening. Occasionally even in one drink. You need to get into the spirit of things, after all. (Sorry) Kettner’s is an interesting venue with a vintage 40s vibe, and I won’t look out of place in my suspenders. They make a potent mixture of absinthe and Champagne which I wouldn’t recommend if you want to remember the evening/ your name. Amuse Bouche in Parson’s Green is also lovely and laid back with some great concoctions. The Experimental Cocktail club in Leicester Square makes my favourite ever cocktail. They won’t tell me how to make it myself though, the bastards. 

Any great date ideas of your own are very welcome. Preferably with a name, a date, a time, and an address. I’ll be there with bells on.

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